Can I create and track on-demand mobile content using Connect?

Adobe Connect already has an unmatched ability that allows live participants to attend classes and meetings from mobile devices using the ‘Connect Mobile’ App.  There are more requests now to have the option to allow access to on-demand content and on-demand training through Connect and on mobile devices This Blog Post outlines some of the […]

Can I see Recorded Demos of the Connect Modules?

Recorded demos by Ian Justin of GetConnect are below, no password is requiredThese are recorded using Adobe Connect and the out-of-the-box VoIP for audio.  Flash Player is required to view Adobe Connect recordings Recorded Demo for Connect 8 Meetings (33 minutes): Recorded Demo for Connect 8 Events (19 minutes): Recorded Demo for Connect […]

What file formats can be used in Connect?

You can always find the file formats that are compatible with Adobe Connect during the upload process from either a Connect Meeting ‘Share Pod’ or from the ‘New Content’ button in the ‘Content’ tabThe list of allowable file formats from the Content Tab are as follows, along with some information on their possible application: *.ppt,- […]

How can I ask questions of participants in a Connect Meeting?

If you want to ask a poll question (for example during a slide presentation) then you can have a Poll that you have previously created that you can ‘pop-up’ in the context of the correct slide, or anywhere for that matter.  You build the Poll question in the meeting from the ‘Pods’>’Poll’>’Add new Poll’ menu […]

How do I create a Course in Connect Training?

‘Connect Training’ is the LMS side of the Connect family.   It is essentially a tracking module for connect that allows you to manage the progress of a learner in your system.  You can track pass and fail, completion, scores etc.To understand the options within Connect Training please see hereThis article covers creating a Course […]

What headsets would you recommend for Connect?

There are a couple of places you might use headsets in the context of Connect and they are differentConnect Meetings – VoIP for live sessions or recordingsAdobe Presenter or Adobe Captivate – Voiceover recording for on-demand contentThe key point is to do what you can to avoid ‘analogue’ headsets (the 1/8″ plugs that we used […]