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Do you have any information on the free extensions available for Adobe Connect?

This blog post is a summary of the free Connect Extensions available from this link as of June 19th 2017: IMPORTANT – GetConnect does not create, test, support or guarantee the quality and stability of these extensions and you use them at your own risk. Note – There are also of course paid extensions, […]

Do you have information on integrating Adobe Connect with an LDAP?

The on-premise deployment of Adobe Connect can be configured to synchronize with an Active Directory (LDAP).  The information I can find on this is below. Of course you should also Contact Adobe Support if you have specific questions and of course to validate these instructions.  Note that I have not worked through this process myself. […]

How do I configure and use the Connect Add-in for Outlook?

The Connect Add-in for Outlook is a very useful tool for scheduling meetings and sending emails that can be pre-configured with your Connect Meeitng Room and audio conference information. A surprisingly large number of people seem to struggle with setting up and using the Add-in so I have outlined my experiences below. Download and RequirementsYou […]

Where can I find Connect 9 Help and Documentation?

A selection of Connect Help Guides and Installation Documentation are listed below Connect Technical Overview 9 Help Documentation Connect 9 Installation Guide Adobe Connect 2.0 Mobile Help Connect 8 Web Services and Developer Help Using Connect Web Services Add-in for Lotus Notes the Connect Add-in for Lotus Notes 9 Configure Telephony […]

What URL modifications can I make in Connect?

There are modifications that you can make to the Connect URLs that are quite helpful on occasion, some useful options are listed below Auto Login to a Meeting Room as a guest In this case, just replace the account domain (‘abcinc’), the ‘meetingname’ and the guest name with your user login information Auto Login to a Meeting Room […]