Managing PowerPoint Slide Video with Adobe Presenter

Overview At the time of writing this post (August 2020), the Adobe Connect conversion process does not support video inserted onto slides. Although it is commonplace to extract (save) the video separately and load this into the Connect room into a separate Share Pod…sometimes it is desirable to have a more ‘seamless’ presentation that is […]

10 minutes on bandwidth/performance/latency in your Connect room

This is a relatively quick post to let you ensure you are doing everything you can to get the most out of your Connect room.  Specifically this deals with bandwidth, latency, performance when using cameras, voice, PowerPoint, videos (MP4) and screen-sharing. 1 – Hard Wire your ethernet/internet connection wherever possible: I have run many meetings […]

*DISCONTINUED* – How to use the Server-Side MP4 Conversion Tool

IMPORTANT – This service has been discontinued by Adobe.  If you wish to convert Connect recordings to MP4 you can use the following options:  – Convert to MP4 using the included conversion options within your Connect account.  For more details see here.  – Convert using the paid service here.   Your GetConnect representative can introduce you […]

Guidelines for managing performance in a Connect Meeting

*Note – Updated to reflect Connect 9.3 bandwidth and quality controls* Connect performance is typically related to four areas, but it should be understood that ultimately, Connect might not be the right solution for the client if expectations of performance and the ultimate experience are too far apart.  Some infrastructures and use-cases are just not […]