How can I create a Virtual Conference using Adobe Connect?

With the social-distancing in the wake of Covid-19, many physical exhibitions and conferences are being canceled and the alternative is to create virtual sessions. This blog post covers a relatively simple approach to virtualization using Adobe Connect. Scenario – in this example we will look at creating a main conference room (where larger joint sessions […]

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What metrics can I pull from Connect Events registrations?

Connect Events is the registration tool that you can put ‘in front of your webinars and classes.  when an attendee registers through the Connect Events tool you can gather a lot more information about their experience.  This post covers some of the techniques you might use for webinars and classes. The overall process for building […]


How to get up and running with Connect Events licenses in 15 minutes

Connect is an incredibly deep tool with very sophisticated functionality, but you do not need to know everything on day-one and you may just want to get started ASAP.  This Blog Post (and the associated linked posts) are intended to get you up and using your Connect licenses in a hurry. As you become more confident, you can […]

Where can I find information about the Adobe Connect to SalesForce integration?

The information on the integration of SFDC and Adobe Connect is on the page below: Here is the text on the detailed explanation of the integration from the SFDC page: Adobe Connect Integration For Salesforce ® allows you to invite existing Salesforce contacts/leads to an upcoming webinar and create leads/contacts from webinar reports later […]

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Is there a simple way to create a multiple-speaker template in Connect Events?

Connect Events is typically set up to use a single speaker in a registration.  A single photo, bio and name.  There are ways to create templates for multiple speakers using HTML but they are not necessarily for the faint-hearted. The method I have described below is simple and uses existing, basic template ‘technology’. Note – […]

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fig 2 invite
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Can I pre-register people for a Connect Event?

I am pretty sure you cannot ‘pre-register’ a person for the event, you can ‘pre-invite’ people to an event…but ultimately they still have to register for the event with their email address. When you think of it, if they are being pre-registered, why use Connect Events?  Just add import the list of users into a […]