Do you have some examples of audio devices you use with Connect?

I am often asked what audio devices work well with Connect. This is pretty subjective as ‘what works well’ can relate to convenience, fidelity and comfort. The recording below covers 6 of my audio device options and you can make your own decisions on where you might fit in.

I have also included below my best information at the time of writing this post as to where you might purchase some of these devices.

Some other things to consider in your choice:

  • Headphones or a headset will always have a better chance of echo cancellation and noise cancellation than in-built speakers and microphones
  • Microphones in your laptop will likely pick up keyboard typing and desk ‘shuffling’ (coffee cups etc.)
  • If you need to move around, consider Bluetooth, but remember that even the best Bluetooth devices and connections have some delay that may be inconvenient or distracting
  • It does not have to be ‘one-size-fits-all’. Switch your device for different sessions or even during a session. Use a headset mic when you are presenting, switch to a speaker for the rest of the session if that if more convenient
  • TEST! I test my microphone and speaker setup to ensure I have the right one’s connected for every one of my sessions, just in case I have moved or disconnected something
  • Use the Connect Desktop App. It has better overall audio and echo cancellation
  • Enable ‘Enhanced Audio’ in the Standard (HTML) view. It has better overall audio and echo cancellation

Recording – Audio Device Comparison 5th April 2021 (no password required):

Devices mentioned in the recording comparison

As much of the content here is subjective, ensure you purchase form a site or organization that allows you to return/exchange the devices if they do not suit your use-case.

Jabra Speak – Note, this is a Bluetooth and newer version than I am using. I have not tested this specific model

ACER Laptop Internal Mic – Not applicable

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech USB Headset

Apple AirPods Pro – See

MacBook Pro Laptop Internal Mic – Not applicable