Where can I find the Adobe Connect Terms & Conditions?

You can find the most recent Terms & Conditions for the Adobe Connect product at the link below. You will want to review the ‘General Terms’ towards the top of the page and the product terms specific to your Adobe Connect deployment (In Adobe language ‘Product Specific Licensing Terms (PSLTs)’: – Connect Managed Services (also known […]

How to get up and running with Concurrent Meeting Participant licenses in 15 minutes

Connect is an incredibly deep tool with very sophisticated functionality, but you do not need to know everything on day-one and you may just want to get started ASAP.  This Blog Post (and the associated linked posts) are intended to get you up and using your Connect licenses in a hurry. As you become more confident, you can […]

How do I determine which Adobe Connect trial is right for me?

Trial Link for Adobe Connect: https://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/trial.html?assigned_id=00G30000001685R Which trial should I choose? The Adobe Trial instructions are not terribly helpful.  Here are the basic guidelines that will give you the right trial and give you the best chance to convert your trial to a full account int he future if you choose that path (note that […]

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How do I move a Seminar Room to another seminar/webinar license?

You may want to move a Seminar Room you have created to another license to take advantage of a larger capacity, or is you have changed your license structure (moved from a shared seminar/webinar license to a named seminar/webinar license for example). Note – ‘SWM’ denotes a ‘Shared Webinar Manager’ license.  ‘NWM’ denotes a ‘Named […]

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SWM License – How can I give access to the Engagement Dashboard/Events only?

Note – This Blog Post relates to the Shared Webinar Manager (SWM) license only. Adobe removed some of the licensing around the Event Manager licenses that in the past would have allowed an Account Administrator to give access to the Events Module and the Engagement Dashboard easily to a larger group of people. Adobe chose […]