How can I stop applications from being displayed when I share my screen?

This could be described as a ‘career responsible decision’. You may want to share your screen as a part of your presentation, but you may not want to share sensitive applications such as your email client (Outlook on a Windows PC for example) or your messaging client (Messages’ on Mac OS for example). Ideally, you […]

Where can I find the Adobe Connect Terms & Conditions?

You can find the most recent Terms & Conditions for the Adobe Connect product at the link below. You will want to review the ‘General Terms’ towards the top of the page and the product terms specific to your Adobe Connect deployment (In Adobe language ‘Product Specific Licensing Terms (PSLTs)’: – Connect Managed Services (also known […]

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Can I turn off recordings across my whole account?

You may want to disable the recording capability in Connect for compliance reasons.  You can do this from the ‘Administration’>’Compliance and Control’>’Recordings and Notice’ section in Connect Central (as shown in Figure 1).  This is available on all deployments of Connect. Click the checkbox next to ‘Lock recording settings for all meetings’ and you will […]

What Accessibility Features are in Connect?

Some information for Connect 8 below Adobe Connect Accessibility White Paper: Adobe Connect Accessibility: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT): Connect Closed Captioning Pod: Connect Accessibility Features (from the ‘Help’ section):

How do I use the Compliance and Control Settings in Connect 8?

Connect 8 has the ability to allow you to control access to certain features within a Meeting Room, recordings and Connect TrainingRemember that these settings are applied across your whole account so be conscious that these changes need to be communicated to your users to avoid them calling the Support Hotline when a feature is […]