How do I configure and use the Connect Add-in for Outlook?

The Connect Add-in for Outlook is a very useful tool for scheduling meetings and sending emails that can be pre-configured with your Connect Meeitng Room and audio conference information. A surprisingly large number of people seem to struggle with setting up and using the Add-in so I have outlined my experiences below. Download and RequirementsYou […]

How are Seminar Rooms Scheduled and Managed?

IMPORTANT – This post relates to Connect versions *before* Connect 9.1.  The Seminar Scheduling was changed significantly for Connect 9.1 onwards.Maybe the easiest way to think of this as a ‘Seminar License’ rather then a ‘Seminar Room’ You would have one or more ‘Seminar Licenses’.  These appear on your account under the ‘Seminar Rooms’ tab […]

Where can I download Connect Files and Information?

There are a few sites that are helpful for downloading Connect Content, some of the more useful locations are listed belowAdobe Connect Updaters (Adobe): (Meeting Add-In, Telephony Adapters, Lotus Notes Add-in etc.)Adobe Connect Downloads (Connect Users): Add-In, Connect Desktop, Outlook Add-In, MS Office Communicator Add-In)Connect Solution Extensions and Custom Pods (Adobe): Release Notes (Adobe): Adobe Connect Account […]