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fig 1 html
fig 2 html
fig 3 html
fig 4 html

How do I manage the upgrade to Connect 10?

You have likely already received a notification that your account will be upgraded to Adobe Connect 10 in the coming weeks and you also probably started worry at the thought of huge interface changes to the HTML Client for Connect for yourself and your participants? If you choose, there will be absolutely no changes to […]

fig 1 classic view
fig 2 enable client acct wide
fig 3 enabe client by room
fig 4 access
fig 5 login page
fig 5 deny
fig 7 declined
fig 8 blue names
fig 9 overview of interface
fig 10 chat
fig 11 d app chat
fig 12 start private chat
fig 13 private conversation
fig 14 full-screen
fig 15 fit
fig 16 full-size
fig 17 rooom full-screen
fig 18 polls
fig 19 q&a
fig 20 wl and fs
fig 21 unsupported
fig 22 lobby
fig 23 lobby poll
fig 24
fig 25
fig 26
fig 27 jpegs small
fig 28 jpeg full-screen
fig 29 moderated Q&A
fig 29 moderated Q&A
fig 30 polls layout
fig 31 thank you layout
fig 32
fig 32 setup option
fig 33 test speakers
fig 34 test mic
fig 35 allow
fig 35 connect mic
fig 38 mute
fig 39 ssm
fig 40 audio choice
fig 41 call me
fig 41 call me
fig 42 dial in
fig 43 all audio

Adobe Connect HTML5 client, Best Practices & Using the Beta Version

IMPORTANT– It is significantly easier and faster to actually use the HTML5 client for Adobe Connect than it is to document all of the features.  The best way to experience the new HTML5 client is to actually *experience* the new HTML5 client for yourself. This post is very detailed and intended to be a reference […]

fig 5 toggle
fig 4a trash
fig 5 greyed
fig 4 pencil
fig 3 dart
fig 2 info
fig 1 sort
fig 8 home meetings
fig 9 home recordings
fig 10 report
fig 11 my profiles
fig 12 edit participants
fig 13 manage enr
fig 14 part management
fig 0 phone html5
fig 0 phone html5
fig 15 audio providers
fig 16 user prov
fig 17 def by host
fig 18 users and groups
fig 19 user permissions
fig 20 managers
fig 11 my profiles
fig 13 manage enr
fig 12 edit participants
fig 18 users and groups

Finding your way around the HTML5 interface in Connect 9.8.1

With the end-of-life for Flash Player announced as the end of 2020, the Adobe Connect team has been gradually replacing the web interface for Adobe Connect with HTML5 components (this is not referring the HTML5 room client, that is a separate discussion). This new HTML5 interface is being phased across the Connect Central management site […]

Where can I find the Adobe Connect Terms & Conditions?

You can find the most recent Terms & Conditions for the Adobe Connect product at the link below. You will want to review the ‘General Terms’ towards the top of the page and the product terms specific to your Adobe Connect deployment (In Adobe language ‘Product Specific Licensing Terms (PSLTs)’: – Connect Managed Services (also known […]