10 minutes on bandwidth/performance/latency in your Connect room

This is a relatively quick post to let you ensure you are doing everything you can to get the most out of your Connect room.  Specifically this deals with bandwidth, latency, performance when using cameras, voice, PowerPoint, videos (MP4) and screen-sharing. 1 – Hard Wire your ethernet/internet connection wherever possible: I have run many meetings […]

Do you have any recommendations for microphones for use in a conference room?

I often get asked if there is a suggested microphone or speakerphone for use in a conference room.  This is of course a very subjective question as rooms are all very different with different layouts and capacity. Below are some examples that I use myself that may help you make a decision.  The key is […]

Why is my Camera or Microphone not working in Connect?

The vast majority of users never even have the issues I have noted here and their camera and microphone just work, but security and privacy are becoming increasingly important to organizations and individuals, and as a result it is possible that Connect needs permission to access your devices.  I have tried to outline some of […]