Do the Connect Synchronous and eLearning tools work with MS Windows 8?

The vast majority of new PCs that are available today will be pre-installed with Windows 8 and the latest version of Microsoft Office is 2013.  Here are my, surprisingly pleasant experiences so far in using the Connect tools with Windows 8 and MS Office 2013.Adobe Connect (Meetings)I tested access tot he Connect Central interface and […]

What do we know about Connect 9, release date, system requirements?

Adobe Connect 9 is officially targeted for release ‘Calendar Q3 2012’ There is now a widget on the Adobe sites that will allow you to check the time when your ASP/Hosted Connect account will be upgraded: You can check which cluster you are using for your account by following the instructions on the Blog […]

What information is available about Connect 8.2?

The information on Connect 8.2 (Version 8 Service Pack 2) below is the latest as of October 4th 2011*UPDATED* – In January the additional features in ‘Update 1’ will be added to the ASP accounts (8.2.1), the information on the fixes in this update can be found here: of the most important fixes here is the […]