How can I ask questions of participants in a Connect Meeting?

If you want to ask a poll question (for example during a slide presentation) then you can have a Poll that you have previously created that you can ‘pop-up’ in the context of the correct slide, or anywhere for that matter.  You build the Poll question in the meeting from the ‘Pods’>’Poll’>’Add new Poll’ menu […]

How do I use the Compliance and Control Settings in Connect 8?

Connect 8 has the ability to allow you to control access to certain features within a Meeting Room, recordings and Connect TrainingRemember that these settings are applied across your whole account so be conscious that these changes need to be communicated to your users to avoid them calling the Support Hotline when a feature is […]

How do I create a Course in Connect Training?

‘Connect Training’ is the LMS side of the Connect family.   It is essentially a tracking module for connect that allows you to manage the progress of a learner in your system.  You can track pass and fail, completion, scores etc.To understand the options within Connect Training please see hereThis article covers creating a Course […]

What are the overall options for training people in Connect Training?

understanding how Connect Training can be used to approach some of your specific learning challenges can be a little confusing, particularly the terminology, so this post is intended to outline how Connect Training can be used to approach some scenarios in learning and to link you to other more specific articlesWithin Connect Training you can […]

How do I manage ‘tracked’ access to Courses, Curriculum, Content and Meeting Rooms?

Essentially, any ‘tracked’ access needs to be via a login that exists in the Connect Account.  So if you want to allow access to a Curriculum or Course then the person needs a login and password to gain access to the connect Training infrastructure at all. In the case of Connect Training, if the person […]

What does ‘Not Required’ denote in a Curriculum?

This message means specifically that “This item is not required because the Curriculum was completed before the item was added” Meaning that the original Curriculum requirements were completed and then this item was added afterwards, which should not remove the completion criteria from the Learner. Connect is behaving appropriately. When the Curriculum was made and […]

How do I use ‘Connect Events’ for the ‘self-registration’ of external users for a ‘Connect Training’ suite of Courses?

It’s really not a lot different from creating a registration page around a Meeting Room. To attach this to a specific piece of Training Material: Create your Curriculum or Course Create your Event (‘registration page’) Instead of choosing a Meeting Room, select ‘Present a Connect Pro Training Course or Curriculum’ Figure 1 After this they […]

How can I list available Course and Curriculum in Connect Training for Self-Enrollment?

If Learners are already registered then they can use the ‘Course Catalogue’ functionality (otherwise you would need to use ‘Connect Events’ to register people in the system first) The help page is here (I have also pasted the text below): The process is essentially to go to the ‘Training’ tab and then to ‘Training […]