Can I see when my recordings (or other assets) were last viewed and how many times they have been used?

You may want to get a report of the recordings on your account and see when they were last viewed and how any times they have been viewed. In fact this report can be extended to many types of content and assets on your Connect account. Following is a reporting procedure I found that may […]

fig 1 mtg reports
fig 2 mtg reports
fig 3 csm
fig 4 csm

Is there a way to monitor meetings on my account?

As an administrator you may want to monitor the meetings and seminars taking place on your account.  there are a couple of ways to do this. Using Only your Connect Account Just using your Connect account alone you can go to ‘Administration’>’Account’>’Reports’>’View Meeting Reports’ (Figure 1). Figure 1 You will see a listing of the […]

fig 1 aud
fig 2 cf
fig 3 ac
fig 4 rc
fig 4 pc
fig 6 excel
fig 7 excel
fig 8 excel
fig 8 excel
fig 8 excel

What metrics can I pull from Connect Events registrations?

Connect Events is the registration tool that you can put ‘in front of your webinars and classes.  when an attendee registers through the Connect Events tool you can gather a lot more information about their experience.  This post covers some of the techniques you might use for webinars and classes. The overall process for building […]


How can I find where a meeting room resides and who owns it from just the URL?

This is a surprisingly common request.  You have the URL for a room, but the URL tells you very little about the owner or the folder in which it resides.  You can use this for other content as well. Let’s say I want to find the following meeting room: Just using the ‘Search’ pane […]