Can I see when my recordings (or other assets) were last viewed and how many times they have been used?

You may want to get a report of the recordings on your account and see when they were last viewed and how any times they have been viewed. In fact this report can be extended to many types of content and assets on your Connect account. Following is a reporting procedure I found that may […]

fig 1 edit rec
fig 2 edit rec

How do I rename a recording?

The option to rename or edit the information in a recording is not necessarily in an obvious place. To edit the information associated with the recording, click on the recording itself and then the ‘Actions’ option (this is different from the ‘Actions’ menu at the higher level recording list).  On this menu you will see […]

What options do I have for downloading and editing recordings?

You may want to edit your Connect recordings to remove sections or make the index more relevant.  There are a few options for this outlined below. Raw Connect raw format recording – The URL opens and plays the recording.  Connect will automatically create an index and chapters for the recording including every slide, chat etc. […]

fig 1 rec off

Can I turn off recordings across my whole account?

You may want to disable the recording capability in Connect for compliance reasons.  You can do this from the ‘Administration’>’Compliance and Control’>’Recordings and Notice’ section in Connect Central (as shown in Figure 1).  This is available on all deployments of Connect. Click the checkbox next to ‘Lock recording settings for all meetings’ and you will […]