Managing Connect Performance in Lower Bandwidth Situations

With the advent of COVID-19 and the vert significant changes it has made to the way we communicate, the loading on local internet connectivity and the wider loading on servers is unprecedented. This post is intended to give Connect presenter ad hosts some guidelines that can make the difference between a successful session and a […]

Top Best Practices for Content and Sharing in Adobe Connect

There are a few relatively simple things that you can do in your Connect room to improve the experience and efficiency of your sessions. A few of the best practices that have the best ‘return on investment’ are below.’ In any of the scenarios below, take the time to click on the green bars to […]

What options do I have for downloading and editing recordings?

You may want to edit your Connect recordings to remove sections or make the index more relevant.  There are a few options for this outlined below. Raw Connect raw format recording – The URL opens and plays the recording.  Connect will automatically create an index and chapters for the recording including every slide, chat etc. […]

*DISCONTINUED* – How to use the Server-Side MP4 Conversion Tool

IMPORTANT – This service has been discontinued by Adobe.  If you wish to convert Connect recordings to MP4 you can use the following options:  – Convert to MP4 using the included conversion options within your Connect account.  For more details see here.  – Convert using the paid service here.   Your GetConnect representative can introduce you […]