How can I integrate a toll-free number into my Connect room?

There are fully integrated conferencing providers that are already deeply integrated with Connect.  These providers just require you to enable the provider under the ‘Administration’ tab and ‘Audio Providers’.  You can then add your personal conference information from the ‘My Profile’ tab and then ‘My Audio Profiles’.  Connect already knows how to use the information […]

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fig 2 providers
fig 3 providers
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fig 5 providers

What is the difference between audio providers in the ‘Administration’ and the ‘My Profile’ tabs?

It can be a little confusing when you try to understand why it is possible in Adobe Connect to set up Audio Providers in the ‘Administration’ tab (‘Administration’>’Audio Providers’>’New Provider’) and also in the ‘My Profile’ section of your login (‘My Profile’>’My Audio Providers’>’New Provider’). ‘Administration’ Tab – In the ‘Administration’ tab you can create […]

Do you have information on integrating Adobe Connect with an LDAP?

The on-premise deployment of Adobe Connect can be configured to synchronize with an Active Directory (LDAP).  The information I can find on this is below. Of course you should also Contact Adobe Support if you have specific questions and of course to validate these instructions.  Note that I have not worked through this process myself. […]

How do I configure and use the Connect Add-in for Outlook?

The Connect Add-in for Outlook is a very useful tool for scheduling meetings and sending emails that can be pre-configured with your Connect Meeitng Room and audio conference information. A surprisingly large number of people seem to struggle with setting up and using the Add-in so I have outlined my experiences below. Download and RequirementsYou […]

Where can I find information about Connect and VCT Integration?

There are a few documents detailing how you can integrate Adobe Connect with an existing VCT deployment Note that as of the time of writing this post (October 17th 2011) these options are only available for on-premise deployments of Connect, *not* on the SaaS/ASP Connect 8 VCT Whitepaper Configuring Flash Media Gateway (FMG) for […]