How can I create a Virtual Conference using Adobe Connect?

With the social-distancing in the wake of Covid-19, many physical exhibitions and conferences are being canceled and the alternative is to create virtual sessions. This blog post covers a relatively simple approach to virtualization using Adobe Connect. Scenario – in this example we will look at creating a main conference room (where larger joint sessions […]

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How to manage integrated phone conferencing in a large Connect session

This is a pretty specific topic, but a common use-case and not immediately obvious. The scenario is that you have integrated audio conferencing with your Connect room and you wan to have all attendees muted and only the presenters able to speak.  You may also want to selectively unmute attendees as well. Integrated conferencing platforms […]


How can I integrate a toll-free number into my Connect room?

There are fully integrated conferencing providers that are already deeply integrated with Connect.  These providers just require you to enable the provider under the ‘Administration’ tab and ‘Audio Providers’.  You can then add your personal conference information from the ‘My Profile’ tab and then ‘My Audio Profiles’.  Connect already knows how to use the information […]

Do you have any recommendations for microphones for use in a conference room?

I often get asked if there is a suggested microphone or speakerphone for use in a conference room.  This is of course a very subjective question as rooms are all very different with different layouts and capacity. Below are some examples that I use myself that may help you make a decision.  The key is […]

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fig 2 providers
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What is the difference between audio providers in the ‘Administration’ and the ‘My Profile’ tabs?

It can be a little confusing when you try to understand why it is possible in Adobe Connect to set up Audio Providers in the ‘Administration’ tab (‘Administration’>’Audio Providers’>’New Provider’) and also in the ‘My Profile’ section of your login (‘My Profile’>’My Audio Providers’>’New Provider’). ‘Administration’ Tab – In the ‘Administration’ tab you can create […]