How can I create a Virtual Conference using Adobe Connect?

With the social-distancing in the wake of Covid-19, many physical exhibitions and conferences are being canceled and the alternative is to create virtual sessions. This blog post covers a relatively simple approach to virtualization using Adobe Connect. Scenario – in this example we will look at creating a main conference room (where larger joint sessions […]

What are the best practices for Connect Breakout Rooms?

The breakout room functionality in Connect is incredibly powerful.  It allows you to create groups of Participants and let them complete assignments as a team or individually in a separate set of environment within your Connect Meeting Room When you use Connect Breakout Rooms, you are by definition sending your Participants off to separate rooms, […]

Guide to using the voice options in Connect Meetings

Pre-Reading: For more information on the overall voice options in Connect, please see the article here. This will give you an understanding of the phone and VoIP (voice through computer) options in Connect 8 Meetings The quick summary of terminology used in this article is as follows: Fully Integrated Conferencing (FIC) – this refers to […]

How do Breakout Rooms affect Connect Meeting Room bandwidth?

In my experience there is absolutely no discernable bandwidth compromise from the Breakout Rooms, but the technical answer and the Best Practices answer would be equally relevant here Imagine Breakout Rooms as ‘concurrent meetings’.  If I have 20 people and took them into 4 breakout rooms with 5 people in each then the bandwidth is […]