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Can I Make a Self-Service Course Certificate?

Prerequisites – A trial or full subscription version of Adobe Captivate.  For a trial of Adobe Captivate click here and to add a subscription to your Connect account contact your GetConnect Account Executive. The Big Picture – There are occasions where you will want to have your attendees or learners create their own certificates.  This […]

Can I create and track on-demand mobile content using Connect?

Adobe Connect already has an unmatched ability that allows live participants to attend classes and meetings from mobile devices using the ‘Connect Mobile’ App.  There are more requests now to have the option to allow access to on-demand content and on-demand training through Connect and on mobile devices This Blog Post outlines some of the […]

How do I create a Course in Connect Training?

‘Connect Training’ is the LMS side of the Connect family.   It is essentially a tracking module for connect that allows you to manage the progress of a learner in your system.  You can track pass and fail, completion, scores etc.To understand the options within Connect Training please see hereThis article covers creating a Course […]

What headsets would you recommend for Connect?

There are a couple of places you might use headsets in the context of Connect and they are differentConnect Meetings – VoIP for live sessions or recordingsAdobe Presenter or Adobe Captivate – Voiceover recording for on-demand contentThe key point is to do what you can to avoid ‘analogue’ headsets (the 1/8″ plugs that we used […]

How do the Connect modules work together?

The strength of Connect is not necessarily the individual modules (although they are very powerful in their own right).  The real power of Connect is in using the various components together to solve a challengeAn explanation of the modules themselves can be found hereTo help you understand how these modules work together, I have outlined […]

What exactly do the Connect Modules do?

The different modules in Adobe Connect can be rather confusing sometimes, below is a simple explanation of the modules and the sort of use cases you might want to considerA more detailed set of use-cases can be found hereConnect Meetings – this is the live, ‘synchronous’ aspect of Connect.  This module allows you to hold […]