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How do I move a Seminar Room to another seminar/webinar license?

You may want to move a Seminar Room you have created to another license to take advantage of a larger capacity, or is you have changed your license structure (moved from a shared seminar/webinar license to a named seminar/webinar license for example). Note – ‘SWM’ denotes a ‘Shared Webinar Manager’ license.  ‘NWM’ denotes a ‘Named […]

Can you explain the impact of the Connect 9.5.3 Add-in?

Adobe has released a new Meeting Add-in for Connect and many Connect users will now see a message from Adobe that can be a little confusing. The original message is at the end of this Blog Post, my personal explanation is below. Why is this being released? This new Add-in fixes some issues wth Connect […]

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SWM License – How can I give access to the Engagement Dashboard/Events only?

Note – This Blog Post relates to the Shared Webinar Manager (SWM) license only. Adobe removed some of the licensing around the Event Manager licenses that in the past would have allowed an Account Administrator to give access to the Events Module and the Engagement Dashboard easily to a larger group of people. Adobe chose […]

What options do I have for downloading and editing recordings?

You may want to edit your Connect recordings to remove sections or make the index more relevant.  There are a few options for this outlined below. Raw Connect raw format recording – The URL opens and plays the recording.  Connect will automatically create an index and chapters for the recording including every slide, chat etc. […]