Can I see when my recordings (or other assets) were last viewed and how many times they have been used?

You may want to get a report of the recordings on your account and see when they were last viewed and how any times they have been viewed. In fact this report can be extended to many types of content and assets on your Connect account. Following is a reporting procedure I found that may […]

How to Build and Run an Adobe Connect Room in Captivate Prime

The integration between Adobe Connect and Captivate Prime is not particularly deep at all at the time of writing this post (February 2019).  This post is intended to give insight into what can be achieved today. I would expect this integration to become significantly more sophisticated as the Adobe Connect product now resides in the […]

Top Best Practices for Content and Sharing in Adobe Connect

There are a few relatively simple things that you can do in your Connect room to improve the experience and efficiency of your sessions. A few of the best practices that have the best ‘return on investment’ are below.’ In any of the scenarios below, take the time to click on the green bars to […]

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How do I manage the upgrade to Connect 10?

You have likely already received a notification that your account will be upgraded to Adobe Connect 10 in the coming weeks and you also probably started worry at the thought of huge interface changes to the HTML Client for Connect for yourself and your participants? If you choose, there will be absolutely no changes to […]