Do you have some examples of camera options in Connect?

There are really no specific rules for good or bad webcams in Connect, as much as anything you need to focus on:

  • Lighting – ideally above and in front of you (note that good lighting helps quality of the image and the camera is not compromising the quality of the image to maintain frame-rate etc.).
  • A good stand/clip – it sounds odd, but the most frustrating thing can be the camera refusing the stay in place when attached to a screen or free-standing or it struggles to be easily aimed.

I will add to this list as I see new or interesting options.

Logitech HD Pro


Note – I think I have a slightly older version of this, but easy to position and very good quality/colour and field of view ($130 USD)

MacBook FaceTime (built-in) camera

This is really just to give you a comparison of the colour and field of view from a regular laptop camera

BCC950 Conference Cam


Note – This is a more expensive option ($250 USD) but it does has a remote so that you can change the zoom and move the camera to point from a distance)

iPhone through HDMI out to an HD Video Capture Device


Note – If you can find any camera or device that outputs an HDMI signal then you can play this into Connect in the video pod using this device ($100 USD)