Introduction to Adobe Connect 10

The two video segments below make up a single video that is my personal introduction to the HTML Client and the HTML5 interface changes in Adobe Connect 10.  The subjective thoughts and comments are my best guess as to the direction of the product.

Note – The only feature that I did not cover in any detail in the module below relates to using Breakout Rooms in the HTML Client.  I have tried this and it seems to work very well indeed *but* you should be aware that the people in the Breakout Rooms are still Participants in Connect so they will not have the rights to change slides, whiteboard etc.  to give them full Breakout Room rights you should have them install the full Connect Desktop App.

You can find more formal information on the actual release from the links below.

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Introducing Adobe Connect 10:
Adobe Connect Capabilities in HTML Client
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What new in Adobe Connect 10:


Part 1 – Introduction to Adobe Connect 10


Part 2 – Introduction to Adobe Connect 10