I want to get into a Connect Meeting easily!

Sometimes you might want to set up a single-click to met people access a Meeting Room in Connect from their desktop.  A typical example of this might be a professional who just wants the session to start and run easily without ever seeing the Connect Central interface or even without logging into the session with a name and password.

Here are a couple of options that might help you in this use-case.

Use the Connect Outlook Add-in – This allows you to configure the login and password and also the Meeting Room to be used as a default withing Outlook.  Then all the Meeting Host has to do is select a new appointment in Outlook and then the invitation can be populated with the default Meeting Room.

This does require an invitation to be created each time a session is started however and that might not work for many people.

The information on the Connect for Outlook Add-in can be found here.

Create a URL icon on the desktop that starts the Meeting Room – In this case you would just use the functionality in the browser to drag a URL to the desktop.  To simple start the room the URL would just be the Meeting Room URL but this requires the Meeting Host to enter their login and password to start the room (clearly you would not want the room to begin without some controls, otherwise it would be completely open to abuse and misuse).

You can include the login and password information in the URL if you want to streamline this process a little more again.  The syntax for the URL would be “http://abcinc.adobeconnect.com/system/login/ok?login=fredsmith@fredco.com&password=changeme&account-id=12345678&next=roomname” and of course you would replace these fields with the information for your account, room, login and password (note that you can find the ‘account-id’ can be found by navigating to the ‘Home’ tab and checking the URL in the address bar)

More information on URL modifications in Connect can be found here.

This would give you one-click access to the Meeting Room but it would expose the users’ login and password in the address bar of the browser as you click, after that it is hidden of course.  The other issue in this case is also that you have to give the URL to the other party attending the session, they could not really have the same icon at their end unless they know to click that icon to meet with you, and another icon to meet with another person.

To invite the other party, you could  just to paste the URL for the Meeting Room into your messaging client, but e-mail is just as easy in most cases.

Anyway, you get the idea I hope.

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