Can I change the ‘from’ address on the Connect Hosted Server?

On occasion it is necessary to change the e-mail address from which e-mails are sent to users on the Connect Account.  Typically this is because a company SPAM Filter will often consider an e-mail that is sent from the same company address as SPAM or junk mail

There are 2 options to change this.  For both options this is implemented when the customers mail server refuses Connect emails when sent from our domain and the domain in the TO email doesn’t match

Note – you will need to call Adobe Support to have either of these methods implemented on your account

1. Emails sent “On Behalf Of”
  • Use this option to email sent from our but it will list the Host’s or Admin’s email in the To field On Behalf Of

2. Emails sent from
  • Use this option when you want all emails to be sent directly from our domain (in some cases mail servers may not work with the “On Behalf Of” option, in those cases we use this option)

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